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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please Note:  These are not "frequently asked questions". I am typing the questions and the answers so you can get an idea of what I'm doing, what I'm offering, and the basic overview of this website. Thank you for understanding.

1. Who are you?

Hi. My name is Michael Kristopher Kemp. I go by the name Kris Kemp. I'm a writer, copywriter, musician, photographer, natural health enthusiast, traveler, and creative entrepreneur. I have a plethora of creative interests that appear to share the common theme of freedom--creative freedom, financial freedom, travel/location freedom, health freedom, and more.

2. What is this website about?

The Fat Burning Diet Plan hopes to share a diet plan or plans that can help people lose weight.

3. Is this guaranteed to work?

This is not guaranteed to work.  No guarantees are expressed or implied.  This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only.  If you have a medical question or concern, please contact a board certified health professional.  

4. Can't you just find this information on the internet for free?


5. Can I contact you?

Yes.   You're welcome to email me or text me.

Kris Kemp

6.  How do I get more information about weight loss and natural health cures?

Visit these websites:

Kris Kemp   /   / 347-557-5487

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